Bulgaria Extradites High Ranking Fetö/pdy Member Dubbed ‘cash Vault’

Lahey Büyükelçiliği 11.08.2016

Bulgaria extradited a high ranking member of Gülenist
terror-cult to Turkey on Wednesday despite the overall stance of the European
Union harboring FETÖ members even after the bloody July 15 coup attempt that killed 246 people and injured thousands.

Abdullah Büyük, who is referred to as the "cash vault"
of FETÖ, was handed over to Turkish officials at the Kapıkule Border Crossing
on Wednesday. Büyük is expected to be brought to Edirne Police Department for questioning.

Büyük was earlier detained as part of an operation targeting
himmet (donations to Gülenist charities) payments collected by FETÖ from its
members and was released under judicial control.

He later to fled to Bulgaria and sought asylum,
however, his request was denied.

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